Non Invasive Wrinkle Treatment : Lipostructure


This technique’s goal is to rejuvenate a face that has thinned out by the ageing process.
Ageing can be characterized by ptosis, which a face lift will correct, but there usually is a volume loss associated. This can be addressed by fat grafting.
Lipostructure is often associated with other techniques such as face lift and blepharoplasty.

Surgical technique

Fat is taken out with thin canulas similar to those used for liposuction. This fat is then centrifugated to separate the fat cells from the rest. These cells are then reinjected  in the face where necessary : usually the  cheekbone area, lips, naso labial folds, glabellla.

To enhance grafting, these cells are put in place very delicately in thin layers in the environing tissues.

Postoperative care

If no other procedure is associated the patient can go out the same day.
Edema and bruising  are not uncommon and may be conceiled with cover up makeup.
You are seen again in consultation a few days later. Draining massages are then useful to help the edema resorb.

To conclude

Facial volumes are reestablished for a long-lasting period.
Lipofilling in Bordeaux by Dr. Reau cosmetic surgeon