Hair Restoration


It is important to understand tha hair restoration is made by redistributing the remaining hair. It is not possible to implant exogenous hair.
This redidstribution can be done with several procedures; local flap, scalp reduction, follicular grafting.

Surgical technique

We will describe the follicular grafting technique.
The first part of the procedure  consist of and occipital band of hair. This band is then divided in to follicular units.
The follicles  are then grafted while respecting hair orientation

Postoperative care

Usually  the return back home is possible the same day. Cleaning your hair with a baby  shampoo is authorized the next day .
The postoperative days are characterized by swelling and crusting.
The grafted hairs fall. New hair will start growing  back usually within two months

To conclude

he result gives a natural look. Two to three sessions are sometimes necessary.
Hair transplant in Bordeaux by Dr. Reau cosmetic surgeon