Face Lift Or Soft Face Lift


The face lift's goal is to reposition the neck and facial soft tissues to improve the contour of the jowl and neck. The objective is to conserve one’s facial expressions that are the mark of one’s personality.

Surgical technique

The incisions are made in the natural creases in front and behind the ear. The underlying muscular system is replaced in its original position. The skin in excess is removed without tension in order to avoid the unpleasant “surgical look”.

In order to obtain a most natural result it is possible to use concomitant  techniques such as blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the eyes, lipostructure to correct the loss of volumes, injections to treat superficial wrinkles, laser treatment...

Postoperative care

Usually  an overnight stay is  sufficient and the return back home is possible next morning after the dressing is taken out. No additional dressing is necessary.

Edema and bruising are not unusual during the following days. Tension can be felt , specially behind the ears. Skin sensitivity can also be altered giving a carton like sensation. The medical treatment  started during your stay in the clinic is continued and contributes to limit these inconveniences.

A few days later you are seen in consultation. Skin care is then recommended in order to accelerate the edema’s resorption. Return to work is usually  possible within 2 to 3 weeks.


This type of face lift is recommended for patients wanting a lighter act. The principle of the surcical technique is similar to  but the incisions are shorter, the undermining less which permits a quicker return to social life

To conclude

The result is  a natural fresh look; The saying says a face lifts “gives back ten years for ten years”.
Lifting and soft lifting in Bordeaux: Dr. Reau cosmetic surgeon