Liposuction, Liposculpture


Liposuction’s aim is to remove localized fat excess. It is not used to lose weight but it can reshape a  figure for a patient who has a normal diet and a healthy lifestyle but keeps localized fat excess (jodhpur thighs for example).

 Liposuction eliminates fat cells, which do not have the ability to multiply themselves. When one takes on weight it is the existing cells that fill up with fat. Liposuction eliminates these cells and therefore diminishes fat stocking in these areas.

Surgical technique

Fat is suctioned through fine canulas (2 to 4 mm diameter) after infiltration with an adrenalined saline solution (when using the tumescent technique). The general consensus is that no more than 2,5 liters of fat may be removed during a session; a superior quantity raises the operatory risk. The small incisions are closed with sutures. A contention garment is put in place.

Postoperative care

Usually  an overnight stay is  sufficient and the return back home is possible next morning .

Liposuction is not generally considered painful; the postoperative discomforts are linked to the bruises frequently present The medical treatment  started during your stay in the clinic is continued and contributes to limit these inconveniences.

Edema is very characteristic of the postoperative evolution and it is at its maximum during the first ten days. Do not expect to have the result one week after the procedure since at these stage tissues are swollen, sometimes more than before the operation. Wearing the contention garment will help the edema’s resorption and skin retraction.

You are then seen regularly in consultation. After one month you have a good idea of the result. Massages help through this stage.

The sutures are resorbable and it is not necessary to take them off.
It is recommended to stop working four to ten days.
Before taking up sport again a delay of one month is to be considered.

To conclude

When the indication is accurately made, liposuction is a spectacular procedure that gets rid of localized excess of fat tissues and models a new figure.
Liposuction in Bordeaux by Dr. Reau cosmetic surgeon