Silhouette : Abdomininoplasty And Tummy Tuck


The abdominoplasty’s goal is to remove excess skin and fat on an abdomen that has been stretched by pregnancy weight variations ..During this procedure it is possible to act on the underlying abdominal muscles. In France and in some cases the “sécurité sociale”   can take care of some of the medical expenses.

Surgical technique

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The incision is placed over the pubis and laterally towards the hips in order to conceal it in the underwear. Skin excess can now be removed as well as the repositioning of the umbilicus. A liposuction can be associated to the procedure. A contention dressing is put in place at the end of the procedure.

A mini-abdominoplasty is based on the same principle  with a shorter incision and a faster postoperative recovery.

Postoperative care

Usually  a 24 to 48 hour stay is  sufficient and the return back home is possible after the drains are taken out .
The postoperative days are characterized by a tension sensation . The medical treatment  started during your stay in the clinic is continued and contributes to limit these inconveniences.

It is asked to avoid carrying heavy weights.
You are seen a few days later in consultation. T he dressing is taken of and a contention garment is to be weared night and day for a month.  After one month you have a good idea of the result. Massages help through this stage.

The sutures are resorbable and it is not necessary to take them off.
It is recommended to stop working seven to twenty days.
Before taking up sport again a delay of one to two months is to be considered.

To conclude

Abdominoplasty will not give you back your sixteen year old abdomen but will  improve its overall appearance
Abdominoplasty in Bordeaux by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Reau