Breast Reconstruction


Breast reconstruction’s goal is to reconstruct an amputated breast  after  cancer surgery, using an implant, a flap, or a combination of both.
Breast reconstruction is basically done in three stages. 1 volume reconstruction, 2 nipple reconstruction and 3 areola reconstruction.

Surgical technique

  1. Volume reconstruction is made either with:

a. An implant when local cutaneous laxity is sufficient

b. An expanding period when cutaneous laxity is insufficient. The expander is progressively pumped up during a few weeks and an implant can be put in place sufficient skin laxity is obtained

c. A musculocutaneous dorsal flap can be used with or without an implant.

d. A musculocutaneous abdominal flap

  2. Nipple reconstruction can be done with a local flap or a graft. During this procedure it is possible to symmetries the remaining breast with a reduction or lifting technique.

  3. Areola reconstruction is done with a tattoo.

Postoperative care

Postoperative care  varies with the different techniques described. Basically the simpler the procedure, the shorter  and easier the recovery.
Whatever the procedure chosen  you are  seen regularly in consultation

To conclude

The result is very satisfying as one can know wear a normal bras even if the new breast will never be like the one before. This procedure helps get over the psychological trauma of mastectomy.
Breast reconstruction in Bordeaux by Dr. Reau cosmetic surgeon