Breast Lift


Breast lift’s goal is to correct the shape of breast deemed of sufficient size but have “fallen” with time. It is very frequent since contrary to what a lot of people believe there are no muscles in a breast and no workout will ever have a positive effect on ptosis.

Surgical technique

The procedure is done under general anesthesia. The incision is peri-areolar and can be extended vertically or as an inversed T. The gland is remodeled. The excess skin is excised and the rest is reshaped around the new glandular volume.
A contention dressing is put in place at the end of the operation

Postoperative care

Usually  an overnight stay is  sufficient and the return back home is possible after the drains are taken out .
The postoperative days are characterized by a tension sensation . The medical treatment  started during your stay in the clinic is continued and contributes to limit these inconveniences. It is asked to avoid carrying heavy weights.

You are seen a few days later in consultation. The dressing is taken of and a contention bra is to be weared night and day for a month.Massages help through this stage.After one month you have a good idea of the result. The sutures are resorbable and it is not necessary to take them off. It is recommended to stop working ten days.

Before taking up sport again a delay of one month is to be considered.
You are then seen regularly in consultation. It is important to know that the breast shape is rapidly obtained,but  the permanent result is takes a while to set in: In the beginning the breasts are tense and become softer progressively.

It is important to understand that scar incisions take a while to become the same color as the skin.

To conclude

The result is very satisfying as one can recover normally shaped breasts and regain self-confidence.

Breast lift in Bordeaux by Dr. Reau cosmetic surgeon