Breasts : Augmentation By Implants


Breast implants aim to correct the volume of breasts which volume is considered inadequate. It is important to consider that breast volume can only be correctly evaluated when compared to the overall figure. A certain size of implants will give very different results if the patient is tall, diminutive, slim, plump…

Surgical technique

The incision site, the implant position regarding to the muscle, the type and size of implant are decided during the consultation according to different parameters and your whishes.
The implant is positioned through a small incision either around the areola, or in the sub mammary fold, or in the axillary area.
The implants can be placed in front or behind the pectoralis muscle.

In case of mammary ptosis it is sometimes necessary to reshape the cutaneous envelope which implies making longer incisions (around the areola, vertical and sub mammary: inversed T incision). At the end of the operation a modeling dressing with elastic bands is prepared.

Postoperative care

Usually  an overnight stay is  sufficient and the return back home is possible next morning .

Soreness can be felt during the next few days, especially if the implant has been placed behind the muscle. The medical treatment  started during your stay in the clinic is continued and contributes to limit these inconveniences.Edema, bruising, discomfort when elevating the arms are possible during the following days.

 A few days later you are seen in consultation. The dressing is taken of and contention bra is put in place. It is necessary to wear this bra night and day for a month.

The sutures are resorbable and it is not necessary to take them off.

It is recommended to stop working four to ten days.

Before taking up sport again a delay of one to two months is to be considered.

You are then seen regularly in consultation. It is important to know that the breast volume is rapidly obtained, the permanent result is takes a while: In the beginning the breasts are tense and become softer progressively. Massages help through this stage.

To conclude

Mammary implants help balance your figure and enhance your feminity.
Breast increase with implants in Bordeaux cosmetic surgeon Dr. Reau