Labiaplasty’s aim is to reduce the size, reshape irregularities of the labias. These anatomical problems may be primary or secondary (to pregnancy for example).
Labia hypertrophy can generate discomfort with irritations during physical activities and sexual relations.
This surgery has seen an important development in the last few years, probably thanks to the web; It is often difficult for one to talk about this taboo problem to a general practitioner and even to a gynecologist..

Surgical technique

There are numerous techniques described. We tend to prefer the techniques that  do not place the scar on the labia’s edge because we feel it can generate hypo or hypersensitivity of the zone.
We use a “zig zag” incision to reduce these inconveniences
Excess labia resection is adapted to your demand.

Postoperative care

Postoperative care is limited to gynecologic betadine care.
Swelling and ecchymosis is frequent and sometimes spectacular and takes a couple of weeks to disappear.
Walking is usually uncomfortable for the first few days.
The sutures are resorbable and it is not necessary to take them off.
It is recommended that the patient massages the scar to accelerate the softening process.

To conclude

This procedure is very satisfying for those patients complexed by this problem.
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